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7" Diameter Temple of the Winds Half Capital FDC 1018

Your Price: $49.95
7" Temple of Winds Half Capital HC-8010-C3 14"W x 11"H x 7" Depth Fits 7" Diameter Half Columns Delivery: 1-2 Weeks These half columns are designed to be used flat against a wall. If you need to create a full column (to cover a beam or post) order one of our full columns and have it split in two. The inside diameter for the smooth shaft is 5 1/2" at the top. Advantages of Polyurethane: 1) Can be used indoors or outside. 2) Easy installation: surface has a sealed finish and pieces can be planed, sawed, sanded, nailed and glued the same as wood. 3) Anti-corrosion: resists acids and alkalis. 4) Light weight: lightweight, good resilience and hardness. 5) Waterproof: no moisture absorbing, water permeation, or mildew. 6) Primer coated and ready to paint!