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Find out the different stucco process, stucco foams, stucco trims, StoneKote Trims, color coats and EIFS Systems. Learn more about the stucco process, whether you are a home owner or professional plastering contractor, these information will guide you through the different applications.

Stucco Foam | Stucco Trims

The stucco foam trims bring out the personality on the architectural design of any home. The lightweight, adjustable and affordably priced decorative stucco foam products can be used on the exterior of your house, and will improve the look of your property. If you wish to add a bit of luxury to the exterior of your house, take advantage of stucco foam products offered by us. Architectural stucco products have functional and decorative purposes. Though the main reason for installing stucco exterior products is to add grace and style to the exterior of the house, the second reason for adding the stucco foam products, is to hide the drawbacks and joints of the walls. Modernize the look of your house and add practical and beautifully designed stucco exterior products.

Create a distinct and elegant exterior of your home and commmercial projects: add the unique stucco exterior decoration products. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and designs of stucco exterior products; follow your inspiration and reinvent the exterior of your house or apartments. Stucco foam can also be use for signages, logos, artworks, concrete form kits for wallcaps, pool copings, steps, and kitchen countertops.

Our stucco trim kits come in 4' or 8' lenght. You can decorate the exterior home or commercial projects with stucco trims, from window trims, door trims, garage trims, keystones, rosettes, wallcaps, pillarcaps, columns, foam corbels, cornices, eaves, parapet caps, wainscots, stone veneer bands, medallions, midbands, baseboards, crownmoldings, arches, wall panels.

Stucco Foam Catalog PDF (3Meg) | EPS Coping Forms Kits

FDC™ StoneKote Architectural Trims | EPS Pre-Coated Foam Shape that looks and feels like pre-cast concrete

FDC™ StoneKote Architectural Decorative Products will add luxury and beauty to your home or commercial project at a very reasonable costs. StoneKote can be design and manufacture in any shapes, sizes, or colors. StoneKote are designed for exterior and interior use. Unlike stucco foam FDC™ StoneKote foam shapes are pre-coated to looks and feels like pre-cast concrete, light weight and easy to install. There's no need to color coat over the shapes once installed. You can leave it in a natural stone look or paint it with a masonary paint or stain.

FDC™ StoneKote Architectural Decorative Products are made of four components:
  1. The EPS foam core (UL certified Expanded Polystyrene): Computerize cutting and detailed shape of mouldings.
  2. Micro fiberglass reinforcement blend: Reinforces the mouldings and prevents cracking.
  3. Foam shape get a machine extruded with 1/4"e; thickness coating with our Patent Pending polymer concrete formulation.
  4. FDC™ StoneKote coating: A high strength modify polymer and cement formulation that provides a hard, and durable finish.

StoneKote are extruded with StoneKote modify polymer portland cement at our factory for uniform thickness from 1/4”–3/8” and detail. StoneKote products come finished with color and available in semi-smooth, concrete finish, or limestone finish.

StoneKote compliment stucco, stone, or brick building systems. You may choose one of our standardprofiles or we can manufacture to your unique design. StoneKote are manufactured in standard 32” lengths for trims and 8’ lenghts for columns. We manufacture arches, window and door trims, quoins, pilasters, columns, bases, capitals and many other appealing architectural accents.

Installation of FDC™ StoneKote Architectural Decorative Products is fast, easy and will save you time and labor. The mouldings can becut using a miter saw at the job site and glued to the wall using Foam Coats, Foam2Foam Adhesive, PL Glue or approval construction adhesives. Temporary fasteners are employed for larger, heavier mouldings to aid the adhesion period.

FDC™ StoneKote PDF Catalog PDF (3.6Meg) | FDC™ StoneKote Photobook PDF (4.4Meg)