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Continental Color Ceiling Tile

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Installing Thermoform Tiles: Direct Mount Installation Simply apply tiles directly to the ceiling or wall using an adhesive as described below. Cover the seams with decorative joint strips (ordered below). Installing with a 2x4 Grid or Tegular Tiles With a 2x4 grid you can either apply the tiles directly to your 2x4 ceiling tiles or add a Grid Divider to convert your 2x4 grid into a 2x2 grid. If your existing ceiling has tegular tiles, simply flip them over and apply the ceiling skins to the back side of the tiles. Installing with a 2x2 Grid Simply lay the tiles into your grid ... it's that easy! Direct Mount Application: Apply a 1/4" wide flat film of adhesive to the backside of the ceiling tile 1/2" inside the perimeter and another in the center area of the tile along a high relief area. A high relief area is a point on the ceiling tile that will touch the ceiling once the tile is installed. Avoid placing large daubs of adhesive anywhere on the ceiling tile, as this may be visible through the tile. Any excess adhesive can be removed immediately with warm water or mineral spirits. Position the ceiling tile and firmly hold it in place so that the adhesive makes good contact with the ceiling surface. Along each side of the ceiling tile, apply three staples (or finishing nails) within 1/4" of the tile's outer edge. The close outer edge placement ensures that the staples will be covered by the decorative joint strip, which will be centered over the joint between the tiles. If staples or finishing nails will not be used to hold the ceiling tiles in place, four 1" x 1" pieces of 3M Double Sided Mounting Tape should be applied to the center of the tile in addition to the adhesive. The tape will hold the ceiling tile in place while the adhesive sets and bonds. Once the first ceiling tile is installed, begin placing the adjacent tiles. The second ceiling tile should be placed directly against the first. Repeat the installation process with the remaining ceiling tiles.