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Foam Design Center | Stucco Columns

Throughout the history of architecture, architectural columns have created a vital element in building design. From the Classic Orders of Architecture, FDC™ Column Selection is proud to offer architectural decorative columns in a variety of materials and styles. Our Columns include architectural entasis for proper visual effect and more contemporary styles. Our architectural column selection is unsurpassed for choice in design and quality.  Architectural Columns are available smooth and fluted, architecturally tapered or straight shaft, round or square, in addition to many other models. Capitals are available in: Tuscan, Roman Ionic, Scamozzi, Corinthian, Temple of Winds, Modern Composite, Greek Erectheum, as well as other styles. Bases are available for Tuscan, Doric and Attic styles.

FDC™ Stucco Foam Columns
FDC™ Stucco Foam Columns are the most cost effective way to get decorative column into your home or commercial project design. They are manufacture with EPS foam and coated with a foam coat polymer modified cement in a sand finished. They are typically install around a structure beams and finish color coat stucco on site.

FDC™ StoneKote Faux Columns
FDC™ StoneKote Faux Columns are the faux pre-cast or cast stone columns. They are manufacture with light weight EPS foam machine coated with a patent pending cementatious coating that are finish with a semi-smooth surface that is strong and durable. These columns give you the mediterean looks and feels of pre-cast or cast stone but less the weight.

FDC™ Pre-Cast | GFRC Columns
FDC™ Pre-Cast, GFRC, GFRG columns are manufacture with cast-stone concrete or glass fibre re-enforcement concrete to cut down the weight. We can also produce gypsum interior column for clients that want a specific look. These concrete columns are great for high traffic areas that gets a lot of abuse like shopping center or commercial projects.

Coral Texture Columns
Coral Texture columns are made of a high density rot resistant polymer. It is very hard, extremely durable and rigid in nature. It comes primed with an ivory color, and can be painted or stained. It's available in smooth or travertine texture finished. It's lightweight and easy to install, It can be use as an interior or exterior applications.

Decorative Polyurethane Columns
These are decorative columns that come finished with colors and some with beautiful carving designs. They come in round columns and wall pilaster columns. These columns are excellent products to decorate your hi-end homes or commercial projects, especially the hotel and casino industry. They are lightweight and easy to install.

Fiberglass | PVC Columns
The Endura-Series™ Round Tapered Column is the column of choice among builders and home owners alike. This versatile column combines elegance and boldness to truly define exterior spaces. This Column also features a durable Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) construction that stands up to weathering and insects.

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